Completing each daily challenge together as a community, you have unlocked the final Anniversary Surprise: The new Groaning Storehouse map.

The Groaning Storehouse is a new map, part of the MacMillan Estate. On the eastern edge of the estate, near the woods, lie the remains of the MacMillan warehouse. The iron ingots housed within were the final products to come out of the smelting vats before the workers themselves were fed to the fires. Dwarfing the surrounding buildings, the massive storehouse can often be heard creaking and groaning as if it were crying out with the anguish of the incinerated labourers.

It was a great first year Anniversary and we hope you had fun taking each challenge! Now let’s roam this new map together. More than ever: See you all in the Fog!

One more thing! We are currently working on a brand new Chapter including a killer, a survivor and a map. To celebrate our one year anniversary, and because we want to reward our players, we decided that the next chapter WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR FREE! Stay tuned for more and try to guess who our next killer will be!