Day 4 challenge

June 17, 2017 4:00 pm

Challenge: Chop Shop/Stuff Burrito

Killers must successfully use their power 500,000 times.
Score events are:

  • Trapper – Grab Trapped Survivor
  • Wraith – Surprise Attack
  • Hillbilly Chainsaw Hit
  • Nurse – Lethal Blink
  • Myers – Evil Within
  • The Hag – Phantasm Attack
  • The Doctor – Shocked

Survivor need to add 250,000 objects to the map. (Generator, Exit gate, Totem etc)
Score events are:

  • Map Scout

Completing this challenge will unlock the Classic Sleeveless and Marked Bridal Saw for the whole community! Completing each daily challenge will allow you to unlock the final anniversary challenge “It takes all 5” and its surprise rewards.