Without doubt, the whiteboard plays a critical role in development of any game. Often I feel the need to vomit ideas onto a whiteboard which I subsequently forget. Dead by Daylight’s early phases had so much that we wanted to do I thought I would share a few of those initial whiteboards with you

September 2014

This first one was a discussion about all of the different objective types that we might want to explore for the game. Some of these were based on our original prototype and tested. We were temporarily obsessed with the traditional, get the keys to start the car model. This was later replaced with the generators as the fiction and gameplay shifted.

October 2014

Here is a glimpse into original ideas for secrets and meta-games that could run within the game. It also looked at how we could incorporate different calendar events into the game. It’s always amazing how many ideas get left behind once the reality of production kicks in. it is always a balance between retaining what is really essential and parking the rest for a later day.


October 2014

This one traces back the original ideas for the offering system that made the final cut (all be it not in the same form presented here). What Lotus Bones actually are will forever be lost in the mists of development – but they sound great and apparently gave you 25% of something.

May 2015

This was a panorama from when we were really starting to get to grips with our game. Interesting points are – you can see we were still exploring the old tropes of Stoner, Cheerleader etc. These tropes remained in the game for a crazily long time. So long that they started to become engrained in the code – so much so that many events still refer to Slasher and Camper, rather than Killer and Survivor. We still hadn’t fully settled on our individual loadout systems or exactly what form the items and powers would take.