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Rank is a personal score that is used for competitive matches, matchmaking and ranking on leaderboards. The game contains 20 ranks and every season the rank will reset. There is one separate rank for Survivor and one for Killer.

A season is one month. As a new season begins, ranks are reset. Players start at Rank 20 and the top Rank is 1. If a player goes below zero in their Pip count, they will go down one Rank.

To go up in Ranks, the player needs to earn "Pips". Each Rank requires different amounts of Pips.

Gaining Pips

  • Earn points to fill your ranking bar
  • Pass a threshold to earn a Pip
  • You can earn up to 2 Pips in a match
  • Each category has a threshold
  • Bloodpoints collected beyond the threshold will be banked but will not continue to count towards your ranking
  • Collect enough pips to rise up a rank

Losing Pips

  • Fail to earn enough Bloodpoints and you lose a Pip
  • Lose enough Pips and you will drop a rank

Season End

A season lasts one month, and every month the season ends, resetting the Rank. The player is awarded one pip per Rank accumulated.

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