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The Bloodweb is the game’s skill tree. It is procedurally generated and to progress through the Bloodweb the player spends Bloodpoints. The Bloodweb consists of interconnected Nodes, so to move from one Node to the next, the player need to unlock the first Node in line.

By unlocking nodes the player can unlock Items, Offerings, Perks, Add-ons and other content. The Bloodweb starts at Level 1, with a smaller amount of Nodes, for each increased Level more and more Nodes are added to the Bloodweb.

Bloodpoints earned in-game are the Bloodweb currency. The cost for each Node differs and Nodes nearer the edge are rarer and cost more.

The twist with the Bloodweb is that the Entity also resides within it, eating up random Nodes. So to not miss out certain Nodes, the player must be smart and strategic before the Entity consumes it.


  • There is one Bloodweb per character.
  • The Bloodweb layout is procedurally generated.
  • Player spends Bloodpoints to progress within the Bloodweb.
  • When a Bloodweb is filled entirely, the character gains a level and a new Bloodweb is generated.
  • The higher the level the better the chance of rare items.
  • The player can unlock permanent perks in the Bloodweb.
  • The player can collect Items, Powers, Add-ons and other objects on the Bloodweb.
  • The player can collect permanent Perks buffs in the Bloodweb.
  • The player unlocks permanent loadout slots by progressing in Bloodweb levels.

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