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New Survivor - Bill
Left 4 Dead New Outfits

Can you believe this?!?
Left 4 Dead in Dead by Daylight! That’s just insane! And for free??!

It is such an honor for us to partner up with Valve and bring you Bill Overbeck. Like most gamers out there, we are huge fans of Left 4 Dead. That’s why it’s such an intense thrill for us to see our survivors get these new outfits and to see Bill walk into our fog.
Once again, we hope these perks will shake up the meta. Bill is an impressive character and he will not go down easy.

Early on in this project, we promised we would be as generous as we can when it comes to new content and we’ve stayed true to that. Enjoy the awesome new stuff! You deserve it. This community is amazing and large and vibrant and loud and we love all of it (yes, even you).

Thanks again for joining us on this crazy journey!
See you in the fog, MC and the Dead by Daylight team

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