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The Last Breath
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The Nurse

“A new varmint has entered the arena. I spotted her as she, somehow, moved through a wall. Clad in bandages that tell an untold tale of something horrid. This…nurse as it seems, brings me new angst during my lonely nights, as my mind runs amok”

Spencer’s Last Breath can be used to teleport to a fixed distance in a straight line. The twist is that the Blink can be extended in a series of short warps if the player is skilled enough. Blinking allows the Nurse to quickly traverse the maps as she can cross walls, characters and other collisions.

Free Content Update

Nea Karlsson

“At first sight I thought it was a cat that passed me by, just a few meters behind me. A shadow that moved without sound. But yelling is not wise in this place. I have spotted her more times, but just in the peripheral. I still don’t know her name, but she evades the monsters with a certain grace.”

Outfits / Perks

Balanced Landing

When Balanced Landing is active, stagger effects from long falls are reduced.

“I’ve always felt like a cat”
Urban Evasion

Years of evading the cops taught you a thing or two about stealth. Your movement speed while crouching is increased.

“I’ve kept my head down since birth”

Long nights out has taught you to do a lot with what you’ve got. Reduce consumption rate of item charge.

“You have to stay smart, stupidity gets you dead”
Free Content Update

The Asylum

“Today I found something. A fallen structure that transports the mind to sanitariums and institutions. But it brings me no ease, but rather I feel entrapped. Beds and cabinets are scattered about whatever this place might be. Even though it is filled with hiding places, I’ll avoid it”

Free Content Update


Features & Content

  • Added a new location (Crotus Prenn Asylum)
  • Added a new map for Crotus Prenn Asylum (Disturbed Ward)
  • Added a new Survivor Perk (Kindred)
  • Added chat functionality to the Tally Screen (available until server becomes unavailable)
  • Added support for Controls remapping
  • Added various prompts to indicate Easy-Anti Cheat banned status
  • New Killer Character Available (The Nurse)
  • New Survivor Character Available (Nea Karlsson)
  • Tooltip for add-ons has a mention to indicate that they can’t be equipped (if not compatible with the current item)


  • Added an angle tolerance for triggering the fast window vault interaction
  • Added a loud noise trigger upon sabotaging a hook
  • Added a new mechanic that will slow characters down after landing from a high enough point
  • Adjusted sound levels for entering / exiting closets and being inside a closet
  • Adjusted the Chainsaw’s long guide bar add-on to reduce the possibilities of triggering the attack without successfully landing a hit
  • Changed “Rank 1” display to behave like other ranks (displays the number of pips)
  • Chase trigger conditions have been adjusted
  • Scoring Adjustment – Balanced Hillbilly scoring events
  • Scoring Adjustment – Balanced Wraith scoring events
  • Scoring Adjustment – Increased scoring for hook struggling
  • Scoring Adjustment – Reduced score for placing a bear trap as Trapper
  • Scoring Adjustment – Reduced score for sabotage actions
  • Self-heal interaction is now only available when stopped

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted leaving penalties to not apply when crashing
  • Adjusted survivors visuals so that they fade into the fog in the distance
  • Fixed an issue which caused a survivor struggling on the hook to be sacrificed if another survivor tried to unhook him but stopped midway
  • Fixed an issue which caused customization items to be applied on wrong characters
  • Fixed an issue which caused customization slots to be greyed out and made it impossible to customize parts of certain characters
  • Fixed an issue which caused killer to sometimes only lose a single pip when leaving a game (now set to 3 pips)
  • Fixed an issue which caused killers to get stuck at the end of an interaction (vault, hook, pickup) while playing in low or medium settings
  • Fixed an issue which caused Perk Slots to be automatically unlocked when Prestiging
  • Fixed an issue which caused perks that affect other players to still be displayed in their HUD after the owner player dies or is sacrificed
  • Fixed an issue which caused survivors to clip halfway through the ground after being put in a crawling state in a slope
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Barricade Killer Stun & Destroy Barricade scoring events to not be awarded
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Hillbilly to be able to break a plank during his chainsaw recovery
  • Fixed an issue which caused the killer to interrupt a survivor’s escape from his shoulder grasp by attacking
  • Fixed an issue which caused the list of players in the lobby in a Kill Your Friends Match to be invalid
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Map & Key Items to continuously emit sound for other players when depleted
  • Fixed an issue which caused the perk “Whispers” to trigger on survivors in paradise
  • Fixed an issue which caused the prompts for disarm and sabotage to be both displayed in quick succession (disarm is now required prior to sabotaging)
  • Fixed an issue which caused the recover or self-heal prompts to display when getting interrupted while entering a locker
  • Fixed an issue which caused the recover prompt to take precedence over the Hatch Escape prompt in dying state
  • Fixed an issue which caused the skill check marker to keep animating for a small amount of time after hitting the skill check button
  • Fixed an issue which caused the stillness crows to change height when a survivor crouches
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Wraith to be able to attack while turning fully invisible
  • Fixed an issue which made it impossible to sabotage a bear trap if the trapper is wielding the Tinkerer perk and some add-ons
  • Fixed an issue which made it impossible to unlock the Perfect Killing achievement
  • Fixed an issue which made it possible for survivors to obtain the Escaped status while being in the killer’s grasp
  • Fixed offering descriptions & rarities being mismatches during the offering sequence when more than one offering was played
  • Fixed various issues that could cause the tally screen & character status (Rank & Bloodpoints) to display incorrect values
  • Various localization fixes for Chinese & Russian